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Fuji Velvet Prints

Our velevt professional online photo prints are produced on our ZBE Chromira LED printer. This is a c-type process using Silver Halide light sensitive photographic paper exposed on the Chromira then processeed using Kodak professional chemistry.

Like all of our photo prints, the velvet art prints are produced to the highest gallery and competition standards. They are very competitively priced in the pro-lab market place. They are not mini-lab or inkjet prints. In addition to the standard sizes offered we can produce any bespoke size. All files are opened and checked in detail by our lab manager, or a trained technician. Where required optimisation is carried out to ensure your finished product exceeds your expectations.

Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Velvet has been designed exclusively for digital output on professional digital printers, and provides you the opportunity to deliver output of great beauty and tremendous impact. It's unique matte surface provides elegant color reproduction with subtlety and warmth. In the same way as any of our Professional C-type prints, prints on Velvet papers can be mounted, sealed, or framed with ease and offer extra durability due to the ultra-smooth and fingerprint-resistant surface of the paper.

This Velvet paper boasts characteristics such as image stability, accurate colour reproduction, and through our Chromira LED digital reproduction we are able to produce ultra sharp photographic digital C-type images with crisp edge to edge printing and absolutely no distortion. Prints are available in full colour or black and white, up to 40x30inches and all bespoke sizes inbetween.  Turnaround up to 7 days.

We can also offer a full mounting and framing services for your Velvet prints.

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